Best California French Bulldog Breeders [2021 Roundup]

So you've made the decision to welcome an adorable French Bulldog puppy into your home and family ... but now you need to pick a California French Bulldog breeder. With so many options up and down the entire state it can be a really hard choice. That's why we've curated this list based on over 200 Google Reviews!

Questions To Ask Your Potential Dog Breeder

The American Kennel Club has some great questions you should ask your potential breeder

  • Ask to meet the parents.
  • Have health tests been performed on the parents?
  • How long have you been breeding? What is your experience with this breed?
  • How do you socialize your puppies?
  • Are the puppies up-to-date on vaccinations?
  • Do you provide a health guarantee and a contract?
  • When will you be able to take the puppy home?
  • How can we contact you after picking up the puppy?
  • What requirements do you have of people looking to get one of your puppies?


Top 10 French Bulldog Breeders in California

To create this curated list of the top French Bulldog breeders in California we used a strictly review-based approach. It is important to clarify, the author of this article has no association or experience with any of the breeders listed here, and any information listed was gathered from their website.

Our curated list was generated from a search in Google Maps and we compiled the data into a spreadsheet. Any breeder that did not have a minimum of 10 reviews was excluded in an effort to not skew the results. Here are our results:


1 - One of A Kind Bulldogs (4.9/5 Stars)


Image credit: One of a Kind Bulldogs


One of a Kind Bulldogs are professional, prideful and understand the quality attributes that are expected of us as breeders. They are expertly aware of and follow all of the standards set by the International Olde English Bulldogge Association – IOEBA, Olde English Bulldogge Kennel Club – OEBKC, United Kennel Club – UKC and Continental Kennel Club – CKC for general description, temperament, and body for the dogs we help create and promote.

Google Reviews: 82

Average Rating: 4.9


Location: San Marcos, CA

Phone: (760) 580-2293

Services: Adoption & Rescue, French Bulldog Puppies, Olde English Bulldog Puppies

Breeds: French & Olde English Bulldogs

Guarantee: Lifetime

2 - Phenom Frenchies (4.9/5 Stars)


Image credit: Phenom Frenchies


Phenom Frenchies are family and hobby French and English Bulldog breeders where health, conformation, and a happy well socialized puppy are their top priorities.

Google Reviews: 35

Average Rating: 4.9/5


Location: Palm Springs, CA

Phone: (760)898-0294

Services: Stud Services, Puppies, 

Breeds: French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs

Health Guarantee: 1 year health guarantee. All puppies come with with up to date vaccinations and deworming

Guarantee: "We guarantee the puppy to be free from life-threatening congenital defects for one year from date of birth. If the puppy is proved to have a congenital defect within one year and is returned to the breeder, all shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. The breeder will pay shipping on the replacement puppy."

3 - Sactown Frenchies (4.9/5 Stars)


Image credit: Sactown Frenchies


Sactown Frenchies are small hobby breeders that specialize in french bulldogs that focus on high-quality structure and color. Sactown Frenchies averages 1-2 French Bulldog puppy litters per year so quality is at a premium.

Google Reviews: 17

Average Rating: 4.9/5


Location: Elk Grove, CA

Phone: (916)548-3899

Services: Stud Services & Puppies

Breeds: French Bulldogs

Health Guarantee: 1 year health guarantee. All puppies come with with up to date vaccinations and deworming

4 - Central Valley Bulldogs (4.9/5 Stars)


Lilac and tan female French Bulldog puppy

Image credit: Central Valley Bulldogs


Central Valley Bulldogs prides themselves in their many years of breeding and consider their puppies a part of the family until a forever home is found. They dedicate themselves to breeding exotic colors and standard color puppies while still making sure their English and French Bulldogs are the healthiest they can be.

Google Reviews: 10

Average Rating: 4.9/5


Location: Not Specified

Phone: (209)326-2919

Services: Stud Services & Puppies

Breeds: French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs

Health Guarantee: Not listed on their website

5 - Big Bulldogs (4.8/5 Stars)


Image credit: Big Bulldogs


Contrary to their name, Big Bulldogs has over 25 years experience breeding French Bulldogs. They are Veteran owned and operated and all of their puppies  are fully registered, pure bred with  and are adopted with a pedigree showing 3 generations of parental genealogy.

Google Reviews: 26

Average Rating: 4.8/5


Location: Fallbrook, CA

Phone: (760)580-6084

Services: Stud Services & Puppies

Breeds: French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs

Health Guarantee: 2 year health warranty

6 - San Diego Bullies (4.7/5 Stars)


new born french bulldog with new born human baby

Image credit: San Diego Bullies


With over 15 years of experience, San Diego Bullies operates as a kennel that focuses on English and French Bulldog breeding. Specializing in standard, rare, and exotic colors they strive for great breed conformation and temperament. As French Bulldog breeders, their primary focus is on breeding happy and healthy baby bulldogs. San Diego Bullies has provided some adorable baby bullies to some of Southern California's celebrities.

Google Reviews: 25

Average Rating: 4.7/5


Location: San Diego, CA

Phone: (858)522-0085

Services: Kennel, Stud Services, Puppies

Breeds: French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs

Health Guarantee: 2 year health warranty


7 - Schoolyard Bullies (4.6/5 Stars)

Image credit: Schoolyard Bullies


Family Owned and operated in Southern California, Schoolyard Bullies was established to provide people with healthy and loving French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and English Bill Terriers. All of their puppies are raised in their own home until they find a suitable permanent home for them

Google Reviews: 26

Average Rating: 4.6/5


Location: Riverside, CA

Phone: (760)545-5737

Services: Stud Services, Puppies

Breeds: French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Bull Terriers

Health Guarantee: Not listed on website


Honorable Mention - California Dream Frenchies

Image credit: California Dream Frenchies


Our friends at California Dream Frenchies aren't listed on Google Maps so we weren't able to officially include them in our results, however, they are part of our local Frenchie community and wanted give them a shout out! 

They are AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. members which means they're certified in the best breeding practices including health testing. 



Services: Stud Services, Puppies

Breeds: French Bulldogs



Picking the right California French Bulldog breeder is a challenge with so many options available to you. The most important thing you can do is ask the right questions and ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable! Unfortunately, not all breeders follow best practices for health and safety which can cause serious health issues for your soon-to-be lovable furry friend. 

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